Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Good But Suspicious News

We have been granted access for foreigners to go back into one of our remote-controlled projects, albeit only temporarily. But we cannot fathom why there has been a change of heart.

During one of our meetings with the local authorities, we were told that their communication means were tapped, and thus we could no longer continue to telephone them. Perhaps this is why they have chosen to work side by side with us for the time being, as messages cannot be passed on.

We also know of a jihadist training camp very close to the site of one of our hospitals, could it be that this is no longer a threat to us?

Some of the elders have fought with the entire community for our continued presence after seeing the quality of our work. It is crucial now that we ensure headquarters are behind us so that we can stay put and invest in the area. If we were to pull out now there would such a loss of face for those who have risked their lives to support us. We will return to our hospital and hope that this move may be permanent.

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