Saturday, 5 December 2009

Au Revoir Pakistan

I have decided to come home early, for many reasons. The thought of one year without freedom and only explosions for comfort weighs heavily in my mind, the mission is lacking in strategy and we are generally risking too much for too little impact. I am sorry to go, but am thrilled at the thought of home. What luxury to be able to walk freely and to roam around on my own without having to tell anyone where I'm going.

Pakistan is a culturally rich country, with a generous population and I would be delighted to return as a tourist if ever there is peace here.

Credit for these beautiful photos of the women with their children goes to Cecile, my party partner and good friend who is still in Islamabad, may God take care of her out there.


  1. thanks to show the world soft image of pakistan, though you had depicted only very minor things I hope that people can see other side of the coin. I agree that currently we are going through the worse conditions pakistan had faced from the time of its birth but life isn't finished.we do work,we study,we live normal lives WE LIVE HERE IN PAKISTAN HAPPILY. I hope there will be a day pakistan will gain what today seems just a mere dream of some crazies

  2. Came across your blog today - made for some good reading. I'm a recent university graduate and am eager to get out into the world and do some "good"... but as you mention you have to think about the kind of impact you will have on a country. Anyway sounds like you had quite an adventure, glad you are returning home safe!
    - Alex